A Low Art?

Similarly, What do you mean by a low art?

Low art is approachable and simple to understand for the general public. The 18th century’s views on great art and workmanship are when the concepts of high and low first emerged. In the 1700s, authors distinguished between work that is appreciated only for its aesthetic qualities (fine art) and work that has a purpose (craft).

Also, it is asked, Why is it called a low art?

After a few days, Penelope came to the realization that others were making fun of her, talking behind her back, and laughing behind her back. Penelope must now exact her retaliation. She referred to it as “low art” since it is a kind of art, but it is intended for those of low social standing.

Secondly, Why story telling is a low art?

Why does Penelope think that telling stories is “a poor art“? Because she is aware that shifting points of view may alter tales, she views it as a poor art. It’s a refined kind of storytelling and gossip. The Odyssey, a poem by Homer, exclusively presents Odysseus’ perspective, which is primarily why this is the case.

Also, How would you describe Odysseus a low art?

Despite being obstinate and brash, Odysseus displays strength, cleverness, a keen mind, and care for his troops throughout The Odyssey. Homer shows how he is ultimately a noble figure because of his courage and astute intelligence despite all of his human frailties.

People also ask, What is high and low culture in art?

Abstract. An elite group of refined, cultured, and well-educated individuals are the target audience for high culture, which is a collection of ideas, beliefs, thoughts, trends, practices, and works, whether intellectual or artistic. The culture of the masses and the working class is known as low culture.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the distinction between high art and low art basically based on social bias?

There is no cultural bias in the high/low distinction. Even if such were the case, some social theorists would contend that rather than reflecting distinctions in aesthetic worth, the presence of such hierarchies reflects social power relations.

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Why was Penelope’s voice given to penelopiad?

They provide the viewpoints of those who are actually marginalized, helpless, and without influence. Penelope has a degree of influence that is seldom granted to single women with no prospects due to her marriage to a prominent man. From Hades, the Greek afterlife, Penelope tells her story.

Did Penelope ever wanted to tell her side of the story?

Penelope is dissatisfied with Homer’s depiction of her and the other myths about her having sex with the suitors and giving birth to Pan, which is why she feels obligated to relate her narrative in The Penelopiad.

How can you describe Penelope?

Penelope from The Odyssey is a thinker who can effectively deal with her issues by using her mind to find solutions. She is probably a better thinker than her often-devising spouse since he periodically resorts to using force to “solve” his issues.

How does Penelopes portrayal differ from the traditional portrayal of Odysseus What do you think of Odysseus?

Penelope has shown a great deal of loyalty to her spouse. She is regarded as such because, although Odysseus is away for a long period, she repels all suitors until he comes back. Despite falling in love with Circe and Calyps, Odysseus remained mostly loyal.

How is Odysseus portrayed in the Odyssey and how is he portrayed in The Penelopiad?

Odysseus is characterized as having short legs, a barrel chest, and being very intelligent. His powerful persuasive talents and exceptional narrative skills are aided by his deep voice. Odysseus is a skilled navigator as well. After using fraud to win a race for Penelope’s hand, Odysseus marries her.

How do you describe Odysseus character?

Strength, boldness, nobility, a desire for glory, and confidence in his position as a leader are characteristics that make an individual a Homeric leader. His keen mind, though, is what sets him apart most.

What are examples of low culture?

Gossip magazines, reality TV, popular music, yellow journalism, escapist literature, and camp are considered to be examples of low culture.

How would you describe a low culture?

Low culture has an emphasis on morality but confines itself to problems that affect families and individuals as well as the values that relate to those issues. Low culture is happy to show traditional working class values triumphing against the pressure to give in to contradictory urges and behavioral patterns.

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What is the meaning of high art?

sophisticated or highly polished art

What is the high form of art?

The Highest Form of Art Is Still Literature – Old Gold & Black.

Is the distinction between high and low art or culture still relevant today?

Nearly all genres of music are now regarded as great art. The split in the fine arts, however, persisted (and still persists) even as society changed and access to both superior and inferior art forms increased.

Are films low art?

Artists like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus could serve as examples of “poor” art in our contemporary society. The books by Nicholas Sparks or “Riverdale” could also work. Many individuals claim that musical theater, literature, and other media that aim to appeal to a broad audience lack aesthetic merit.

How do high art & low culture relate to pop art?

The Pop Art movement sought to obfuscate the distinction between “high” art and “low” culture by producing paintings or sculptures of pop culture icons. One of the most significant aspects of Pop Art has been the idea that there is no hierarchy of cultures and that art may take from any source.

Why are the Maids killed penelopiad?

The Maids “must be quiet, or the beans will leak,” Eurycleia warns Penelope (Atwood 150). They were murdered because they may have exposed Penelope, who may have been having affairs with the suitors, and caused embarrassment for her.

Is the Odyssey feminist?

The Odyssey is not really a feminist literature, however. Even though Odysseus struggles to return home, at least he gets to see the globe and have sexual encounters with beautiful ladies like Calypso and Circe. In the meanwhile, Penelope is forced to watch as obnoxious suitors harass her into getting married by drinking and having a good time at her family’s house.

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How is Helen portrayed in The Penelopiad?

Helen is Paris’s girlfriend, Menelaus’ wife, and Penelope’s cousin. She is regarded as the most beautiful lady in the Greek culture, and she takes advantage of her exquisite beauty. Penelope describes Helen as being conceited, ruthless, and flirty.

Is Penelope Helen’s sister?

Penelope. Odysseus was initially one of Helen’s suitors, and Penelope is Helen’s cousin, making her also Clytemnestra’s. By persuading Helen’s father, Tyndareus, that all possible suitors must promise to defend whichever Helen chooses, Odysseus utilizes his greater intellect to resolve the potential fight over Helen’s hand.

Who did Calypso marry?


Does Penelope cheat on Odysseus?

According to Pausanias, Penelope had indeed been unfaithful to Odysseus, who after his return sent her to Mantineia.

What does Penelope symbolize in The Odyssey?

The other characters in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey may be likened in a number of ways to Penelope, Odysseus’ wife. Penelope is the perfect woman in many aspects because she upholds the standards and ideals of her culture.

Which condition did Penelope give the suitors to win her hand in marriage?

Now since only he understood how to thread, the suitors must string Odysseus’ hunts. The next step is for them to fire an arrow into twelve axe handles. They would gain her hand in marriage if they were successful in doing this.

How was Penelope as a wife?

She is a complex individual with a dry sense of destiny who expertly weaves her schemes as she would a garment. When the suitors start breaking into her home and begging for — and eventually demanding — her hand in marriage, Penelope is in a very hazardous position.

Who kills Odysseus?



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